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What is Nomad8?

Nomad8 is a home for consultants. We share everything and we help each other. We learn from each other and we’ve got each other’s backs. We are each other’s work family.


It’s a pretty special model—a unique organisation of like-minded and passionate people working together, for themselves and for each other. Our model is loosely built upon the ideas of Swedish consulting company Crisp. You can find out more on the Crisp DNA site.


What do we do?

We do a whole range of things that are strictly or loosely related to Agile and that we enjoy and find meaningful. We work with clients who we like and respect.


Where did this all come from?

Nomad8 was established as an entity in 2007 as a way for Sandy and Brenda to work with clients they loved on projects that tickled their fancy. Things changed in 2010 when Sandy read a hugely inspiring blog post by Henrik Kniberg about the way his company, Crisp, works. Sandy felt so excited about the possibilities of their working model that she decided to go to Stockholm to meet Henrik and Reza Farhang and to find out more about the ins and outs of Crisp. They had a very long and interesting conversation about how Crisp worked, how they had come up with their model and how they kept Crisp a place they loved to work at. They encouraged her to build upon their ideas and offered a lot of helpful advice. They have since shared their entire model in the Crisp DNA.


Why the name?

You might be wondering, “Why call this Nomad8?” Well, we’re from all over the world and we’ve all lived in many different countries: much like nomads. Nomads live in tribes and that’s what Nomad8 is to me—a tribe, my kind of people. Oh, and the 8? It’s Sandy’s old handball number … ;-)


The Nomad8 model

From the beginning we wanted to make a home for consultants. A place where everyone has a say in how things run and what decisions are made. A collective of sorts, or a hand-picked collection of the best people.


When it comes to accounting, none of us are actually employed by an entity called “Nomad8”. We simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of employing and managing people—so legally we all work as either sole contractors or separate contracting companies. Everyone who works with Nomad8 doesn’t contract through another agency. We all work exclusively with Nomad8


Nomad8 as a company is not set up to make money. As a general rule people keep most of the money they make. If they work a lot they make a lot, if they work less they make less. We all pay for the privilege to be part of Nomad8 so we leave a small percentage of our monthly income in the company to cover running and admin costs.


There is no ‘leader’, no ‘boss’, no ‘management’. There are owners, but they operate in the company in the same way as everyone else – contributing a monthly fee and percentage of earnings. There is a shared responsibility for quality, for learning, and for taking the company forward. Our company-wide strategy we all decide on together.


People usually find their own work but we make sure that we all have interesting and fulfilling work to do, and we share the good stuff and the tough stuff. As we said, we’ve got each others’ backs!


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